We humans are constantly wobbling about the balance between fierce independence, and desperate co-dependence. Around the world, and across our history, we find examples of rugged individualism, and extreme collectivism.

Where we find the most sustainable and equitable thriving, however, is also where we find egalitarian interdependence. At its fullest expression, it extends beyond interdependence among humans, and encompasses all life.

Interdependence is the magnificent synergy of independently sovereign individuals, collaborating together, supporting one another, and honoring the inherent connectivity shared by all of existence. We are all pieces of the same whole. What any one of us does, has an effect on the rest of us.

Zooming in on one-to-one human relationships: as social beings, we do have certain needs that require interaction with others for our well-being. Yet, when we stray too far away from the balance of interdependence, we find ourselves on a merry-go-round of independence and co-dependence. The journey back to center requires the combination of a secure sense of self, and a connected sense of oneness.

This magnificent paradox, called interdependence, is a delicately beautiful dance that leaves its revelers in a blissful high on the joy of being.