Aligning With Love

A Course in Love

Love vibrates at one of the highest energetic frequencies in the Universe. And you have your own unique vibe as well. Coming into alignment with yourself will open you up to the frequency of Love.

Did you know that Love flows freely, all the time? If it seems like it’s flowing right on past you, there’s a block in you diverting it away.

If it feels like Love is always out of reach, some part of you believes you’re unworthy of Love as you are, and rejects it when it’s offered. It may not seem like you’ve got a bunch of legitimate love-offers that you’re turning down, but this block is the reason you are only drawn to the people and situations that line up with your subconscious program of Love = Striving to earn it, but not actually ever truly having it.

The detrimental perpetuator of Insecure Attachment is a default program of External Orientation, which has us excessively focused on others’ needs and approval. When we’re wired to seek alignment with outside factors – other people, their moods, their opinions of us, or varying circumstances – our state of being is tied to things that are not connected to our own foundation.

Internally Rooted Security, on the other hand, provides a steady anchor for peace in any storm, because YOU are the one constant in your life. As social creatures, we are naturally wired to prioritize relationships, but it can get out of balance if we’re not properly rooted.

YOUR internal world is the ONLY thing you have ANY control over. Everything outside of you is in constant flux. Basing your choices, moods, and worth on external factors, is like trying to anchor yourself to the waves of the sea. Of course it leaves you feeling adrift and tossed about.

When we don’t receive the necessary ingredients for Secure Attachment in our formative years, we’re left clamoring for something outside of us to show us the way to ourselves. Fortunately, now that you’re grown, you have the ability to complete this process, heal your wounds, and reorient your locus of security to your own internal core.

There is no judgment here about any patterns of External Orientation. It’s a pretty deeply rooted coping mechanism, and a perfectly human response to the early conditions in which it developed. It’s not something we can just choose to do differently. But it is a faulty framework that we can repair.

Come home to yourself

*Aligning with Love* is a 12-week course that will support you in rooting your security within, coming into alignment with yourself and the frequency of Love, and finally letting Love flow into your life.

You will participate alongside a small cohort of other brave women, and we’ll all meet virtually, once a week. Between our video calls, you’ll watch 15 study videos (recorded by me), and journal your reflections on the subjects and your observations of how they show up in yourself and your life.

On the calls, we’ll discuss the subjects and your discoveries, and you’ll be able to ask me questions and receive inspiration and encouragement from your coursemates.

In addition, we will also hold a Celestial Season Ritual on or near the Solstice or Equinox that occurs during the course, in honor of the natural ebbs and flows of our own energy and life phases.

Become Secure in Love

I usually say “becoming secure in love”, because healing, growing, and refining ourselves is a lifelong work-in-progress, and an ever-evolving journey. It is a practice and a lifestyle. But this is an invitation to set your compass heading to Inner Security.

This course is designed to guide you deeper into your psyche, your heart, and your soul. It will help you shed new light on ancient wisdom and reveal previously unseen truths about yourself. The process will lay the foundation for your Internally Rooted Security, so you can empower your compassion, strengthen your boundaries while deepening your connections, and finally be able to welcome the love you’ve been longing for.

The last voyage set sail on April 30th, and I would love to have you on the next one! Are you ready to let Love in?