Become Secure in Love…
One coaching session at a time.

Learn how to honor boundaries with compassion.

This leads to relationships that are mutually beneficial.

When you’re ready to break up with your romantic rut, we’ll meet online for individualized coaching sessions.

Your investment is $125 per 90min one-on-one session.

And it’s customizable to your budget and support needs:

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Weekly sessions

$500-625 per month

Monthly sessions

$125 per month

Every other week

$250-375 per month

All clients are free to message me anytime. I respond as I’m able to.
And communal support is perpetually available online here.

Timeline varies

Each person’s situation is unique, and the range of timeframes to “graduate” can vary anywhere from 3-18 months or more. (Of course, you are free to take your leave at any time.)

Even so, once you graduate from one level of Life, you will find there are more lessons to learn at the next stage. Ultimately, it’s about developing new habits for lifelong practice.

In our work together, though, you WILL receive practical tools in every session that you can implement immediately. Shifts begin to take shape as quickly as you apply yourself to them.


With one-on-one coaching, there’s no magic formula. I tailor my approach to YOU.

I have an ample set of tools that will help you develop internally rooted security – the foundation of a balanced, interdependent relationship.

I teach you the tools you need at the time you need them, but ultimately, you decide what’s in your highest service.

Together, we transform your love-life.

I was struggling with frequent crisis-like emotional upheaval. Other coaches didn’t resonate, but when I found Mariya’s online group, I felt seen. She’s authentic, and she’s not afraid to venture into the grey areas where there are no clear-cut answers. She provides PRACTICAL solutions that I can implement on a daily basis, and through working with her directly, I’ve experienced HOPE, for the first time in a long time. I finally have the tools to access peace and to create clarity in my relationships.”

Krista R.

Learn more about Love Coach Mariya HERE.

Let’s get the love flowing.