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From Push & Pull
to Peace of Mind

Self-Love Support for Women

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About YOU

You are a brilliantly self-aware woman, with a big heart and a pattern of dissatisfying relationships – that you’re trying to learn from.

Romantic partners have left you feeling unfulfilled, your needs unmet, and with little sense of emotional safety. You’ve seen such great potential in them, and felt such a depth of connection… If only they would step up, or chill out, or be more vulnerable, or be more stable!

Meanwhile, you are seeking your own ways to show up differently, to be more authentic, more secure, and more resourced. And you appreciate the unique dojo that relationships provide for your personal growth.

Your friends don’t get it, though. They do not share your struggles or desires. They try to advise you, but their loving concern feels more alienating than supportive.

And the common “wisdom” that tells you to get empowered, “know your worth”, have stronger boundaries, or do your healing work – all seems to be missing the mark for your Soul. Like it’s pushing you to sacrifice your innate compassion…

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Empower Your Compassion

Your softness is not a weakness.

Loving the “wrong” people isn’t the problem, it’s just a reflection of your current state of Self-Love. Condemning what love you DO have is not the solution. Your love is your strength; all it needs is to be expanded, so it’s big enough for YOURSELF as well as others.

And this can be a very uncomfortable process. It requires rewiring your brain and your body, reprogramming your subconscious, and reconfiguring the way you relate to yourself.

When you learn to love yourself as fiercely as you would protect a child or dear pet, you can start to nurture your way through the discomfort of the unfamiliar, of a love that functions differently than what you were conditioned with.

Whether that looks like showing up differently and leaning into your current partnership (so long as it’s safe to do so), or consciously, compassionately, and nonreactively parting ways with them; mindfully dating and experimenting with different energetics than you’re used to, or spending some time uncoupled, in deep reflection and connection to yourself…

I’m here to tell you that you CAN break your patterns, and you don’t have to sacrifice your heart to do it.

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A Loving Guide for Your Journey

Breaking old patterns and learning new ways of being is not without difficulty. It’s much like navigating in uncharted waters.

In such circumstances, it’s not uncommon to hire a guide to show you the way. As it turns out, I know this route well because I carved it myself.

I’m Mariya Graestone and I offer self-love support for women who are struggling with a pattern of insecure push & pull relationship dynamics.

When you’re ready, I am here to lovingly guide you through the rough waters of rocky relationship towards internally rooted security and a self-love that sets a whole new standard for your life.

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Testimonials of Transformation

I learned some incredible lessons about myself and loving myself and choosing myself.

Kim S.

Mariya’s wisdom and guidance has helped me return to my core essence, grow, moult, and begin thriving.

Lisa S.

One of my biggest gains has been a sense of greater control over myself and my situation.

Krista R.
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Are You Ready?

Feeling fulfilled by love, rather than scared of how it might let you down…
Trusting yourself to not abandon YOURSELF…
No more doubt and confusion in Relationship – no more rollercoaster!

You CAN have it.
Reach out.
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