The Language of Empowerment


Are you “too needy”?

Is no one really hearing your concerns?

Or are you constantly frustrated by other people’s behavior?

Let’s change that! What if you could honor your needs, get heard, AND make sense of the nonsense?

And what if it could happen in a way that is simultaneously compassionate to both you AND your counterpart?

Learn the loving Language of Empowerment, and all this joy, love, and peace can be yours!

In this 6 week program, we will explore the following subjects:

~ What are you feeling and needing? Learn how to practice self-empathy, and immediately meet your needs for validation and understanding.

~ What is in or out of alignment with your values? Learn how to reframe your judgments, and internally meet your needs for order, integrity, and compassion.

~ Where is this feeling coming from? Learn how to own your emotional responses, and meet your needs for clarity, autonomy, and growth.

~ What is really going on? Outside? Inside? Learn how to observe behavior with peaceful objectivity and calm acceptance, creating space for love to flourish.

~ What are others feeling and needing? Learn how to give healing empathy to others without compromising your boundaries or your own needs, and simultaneously meet your needs for nurturing, contribution, and connection.

~ Would you be willing to collaborate on strategies for a win-win on needs? Learn how to make requests for your needs in a way that makes room for everyone’s needs to get met.

Don’t leave your needs abandoned any longer.

Schedule your Complimentary Clarity Connection with me now, and get empowered to get your cup filled!