The Path to Interdependence

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Are you an independent-minded individual having a hard time finding yourself in a fulfilling relationship?

Whether your value of independence attracts you to independent mates who then trigger codependence in you, or it triggers codependence in your mates, the end result is the same:

One of you gets anxious and clingy (aka “needy”) and the other becomes avoidant and aloof (aka “emotionally unavailable”).

Here’s the thing: we humans are social creatures, and we are meant to be Interdependent.

This is where two people rely on themselves for the majority of their own needs, and then work together to support each other in a collaborative manner, to reach their respective and even collective goals.

Would you like to experience a healthy and balanced relationship? Let me show you the way.

Embark with me on a 12 week journey of reflection and reframing, that will leave you primed for your ultimate fulfillment. Whether you are partnered or single, walking this Path with me will set you up for finding your success in love.

Here is what we will Explore, Expand, and Connect on along this in-depth Path to Interdependence:

* PART 1 – Kissing the Dragon within You

~ What’s your story, and what patterns are playing out? Gain some clarity on the consistencies that keep showing up – these are the lessons the Universe is trying to teach you; they are your compass headings for personal growth, and for the resolution of your dilemma.

~ On whom do you rely for validation? Develop an awareness around your habits of validation – namely external validation – and begin learning how to self-validate.

~ How are you abandoning yourself? Delve into Shadow Work, and reclaim all the pieces of yourself which you have shamed and shunned. This powerful exercise will strengthen your integrity, embolden your authenticity, and enhance your intimacy.

~ Whose judgment do you fear? Through this work, you will begin to recognize your apprehension around certain interpersonal encounters, as a fear of judgment; and by embracing all that you are, you will begin to realize that the only judgment of you that matters is your own.

* PART 2 – Standing Firm in Your Love

~ What does the love you desire look like? We will examine all the aspects of your love-life that are unfulfilling, and craft an ideal affirmation statement; from there, we will expand it even further, to become the most powerful love-letter you have ever written.

~ What if you simply accept what is? Expectations are the recipe for disappointment. Learn the value of true acceptance, and discover what incredible potential lies within its practice, as well as the peace it brings.

~ What if what you think you want, never comes about? Remember that change is the one constant in life, and nothing will ever remain as it is. Find joy in appreciating what IS, rather than worrying about what isn’t, and discover the preciousness of the present moment.

~ Can you make a decision to grow, and commit to it? Two of the strongest attributes of successful individuals are Decisiveness and Commitment. End your internal conflict by shifting your perception of challenges from options to stay or go, to opportunities to grow.

* PART 3 – Fortifying Your Might for the Love of Your Life

~ Who has your back? Build a strong support system for yourself – do NOT rely solely on your partner to fulfill your needs for love and connection. Meet them from within first, and then remain open to the variety of sources all around you.

~ What’s keeping you from the connection you seek? The number one inhibitor to creating the life of your dreams, lies in your own mind. Inventory your beliefs and reevaluate each of them. Those that limit you, are untrue; those that empower you, need to be nurtured. We are here to thrive! I’m here to help you.

~ How balanced is your foundation? A wobbly foundation breeds insecurity. Take a look at the core features of your life – Mind, Body, Soul, Career, Finances, Relationships, Growth, Experiences, Contribution – any difficulties you are experiencing in one area, are an expression of neglect in another area. Spend some attention on the aspects that have gone overlooked.

~ What would it take for you to trust your journey? Find gratitude in new dimensions of your existence. Cultivate faith in the Goodness of the Universe. Know that when growth is your goal, there is no chance of failure.

Don’t leave your poor heart to suffer any longer.

Schedule your Complimentary Clarity Connection with me now – let’s get growing!