Do you struggle to find harmony in your relationship?

Does it often seem like maybe the two of you are just not compatible?

Do you wonder if Love really isn’t enough?


Your partner is in your life to teach you how to love yourself.

Loving yourself enough to be vulnerable enough to love him and let him love you is the greatest gift that Love has to offer us.

Without your differences, there would be no possibility for magic.

When the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, you have synergy.

That special kind that occurs between two people, I like to call You & Me Synergy :) This is the Power of Relationship.

Embark on this 9 week exploration of the synergistic magnificence of your relationship, and step into a whole new world of clarity, intimacy, and harmony.

On this journey, we will probe the following depths of the synergistic power of your relationship:

How is it Reflective?

  • What does the nature of your relationship reveal about your perception of yourself?
  • What does your perception of your partner reveal about your truth?
  • What does your partner’s perception of you reveal about his truth?

How Vulnerable is it?

  • What triggers your defenses?
  • What triggers your partner’s defenses?
  • What happens when you stay open?

How very Complimentary?

  • In what ways do the commonalities between you and your partner enrich each other?
  • In what ways do the differences between you and your partner enhance each other?
  • In what ways do your joined forces create something more than what the two of you could create independently?

Don’t leave your heart in the dark any longer.

Schedule your Complimentary Clarity Connection with me now, and find the clarity, intimacy, and harmony that you’ve been seeking.