Peaceful Power Practice

silhouette of woman standing against sunset - peaceful power practice

A virtual ashram

for women dedicated to building authentically aligned lives and consciously interdependent relationships.

After years of study and effort – and frustration with a lack of results – I finally found the magic combination of elements that opened up the Flow on my transformation from push and pull to peace of mind.

I dubbed it my Peaceful Power Practice, and from it, I created an ongoing program by the same name for other women to benefit from and grow in inner peace, personal power, and LOVE.

This virtual ashram serves to support:

  • A regulated nervous system for a calm stability
  • Constructive conflict skills for deeper connection
  • Healthy, loving boundaries, for stronger alignment
  • Empowered compassion for conscious interdependence
  • Clarity and self-trust for internally rooted security
  • Fulfillment in love for enhanced joy

It’s a unique offering that you can think of like an always-open all-levels yoga studio for the heart, or a spiritual fitness center, or a facilitated practitioner’s space.

It is also a community, and together, we help each other build skills for relational health. Like any wellness regimen, you get out what you put in, and you create changes through perpetual dedication.

Away from the distractions of social media, it exists in a dedicated digital domain on a specialized platform that supports virtual communities (and even comes with its own app).

The Peaceful Power Practice online container provides:

Self-paced study; a woman reading a book with a blanket

Self-paced study & shared reflection

  • Work your way through 15 videos on subjects like Reparenting and Boundaries. Repeat as needed.
  • Write and share grounded Reflections on your introspective observations.
  • Be seen in your process and share encouragement with the other women working alongside you.

Daily prompts for group processing

  • Respond to chakra-connected questions every day to check in with yourself and stay consistent in your practice.
  • Develop a daily habit of showing up for yourself to build trust with your inner child so you can root your security within YOU and stop abandoning yourself for external validation.
Peaceful Power Practice - Daily prompts for group processing; a woman writing in a diary
Individualized attunement from me as needed; a woman doing yoga with a trainer

Individualized attunement as needed

  • Receive gentle adjustments from me to keep you aligned with the frequency of Love.
  • Find courage in the safety of an energetically held container.
  • Relax into a supported learning process.

Weekly live guided meditations

  • Ground your work in the wisdom of your body.
  • Strengthen your ability to stay conscious in conflict or other trigger activations.
  • Share in the energetic synergy of brief but potent live connections via remote conferencing.
Peaceful Power Practice - Weekly live guided meditations; a woman meditating in on her bed
photo of woman looking at the mirror

Monthly group coaching calls

  • Dive deeper into your work with clarified guidance on your unique challenges.
  • Gain inspiration from other women working through their own similar challenges.
  • Learn new insights that benefit all those on this particular journey of becoming secure in love, with these video conference-calls.

Quarterly season rituals

  • Find self-approval for your natural ebbs and flows of energy through reconnecting to the natural cycles of Mother Earth.
  • Honor the phases of your life along with the steadfast phases of each solar tour.
  • Join us as we celebrate remotely the Solstices and Equinoxes with anciently inspired rituals to restore the Sacred in our lives.
woman holding fern leaf

Healing, growing, refining – BECOMING SECURE IN LOVE…

It’s a lifelong work-in-progress, and an ever-evolving journey.

A practice and a lifestyle.

With the right support, dedication, and regular practice, you CAN create lasting shifts that bring you into alignment with your Truth.

When we walk in our Truth, we open ourselves up to being seen and accepted as we truly are. Only then can we experience the warm embrace of True Love.

Whether you get what you need from this virtual ashram after 3 months, 9 months, or 18 months or more, and whether you stay a while, leave for a while, and come back a time or two or more, it is here for you as a stable fixture and a safe space to practice returning to yourself.

In whatever way is aligned for you, the Peaceful Power Practice will nourish your journey of finding fulfillment in love, at long last.