Peaceful Power Practice

Empower Your Compassion with the Mariya Graestone Peaceful Power Practice

A virtual ashram

for women on the path of building an authentically aligned life and a consciously interdependent relationship.

The inner work involved in overcoming patterns of unfulfilling relationships is not a simple matter of changing your perspective or repeating affirmations. (Although these things do help!)

Our behavior stems from our beliefs, and changing beliefs requires reprogramming the subconscious, which is no small feat, and certainly not happening by overnight transformation.

It takes time and dedicated effort.

That is why I created this virtual ashram, as a facilitated partitioners’ space, or a spiritual fitness center, to support:

  • the regulation of your nervous system
  • your ability to stay conscious in conflict and choose your responses, rather than react from reflexive defense mechanisms
  • the internalization of your locus of security
  • the release of your hidden resistance to being fully seen, so you can allow someone to love you as you truly are
  • the co-creation of a consciously interdependent relationship, instead of more dysfunctional codependent dynamics
  • the development of healthy, loving boundaries
  • the empowerment of your compassion.

The Peaceful Power Practice online container provides:

Self-paced study; a woman reading a book with a blanket
Self-paced study
Peaceful Power Practice - Daily prompts for group processing; a woman writing in a diary
Daily prompts for group processing
Individualized attunement from me as needed; a woman doing yoga with a trainer
Individualized attunement from me as needed
Peaceful Power Practice - Weekly live guided meditations; a woman meditating in on her bed
Weekly live guided meditations
Quarterly season rituals; a woman outdoors holding fern leaf
Quarterly season rituals

Healing, growing, refining, becoming, unlearning, developing…

It’s a lifelong work-in-progress, and an ever-evolving journey.
A practice and a lifestyle.

The key elements of this practice include:

Study – Reading, Listening, Notes, Touchstones/Reminders
Self Reflection – Observation, Consideration, Journaling, Reception
Embodiment – Meditation, Yoga, Dance, Earthing, Discharging
Interaction – Interrelating, Triggers, Responses, Experimentation
Support – Resources, Safe People, Sage Guidance

The Peaceful Power Practice virtual ashram is offered in support of your journey to finding fulfillment in a romantic relationship, at long last.

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