A boat on a sea with storm and calm - From Push & Pull to Peace of Mind; Love Coaching for Women

From Push & Pull
to Peace of Mind

Love Coaching for Women

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About YOU

You are a brilliantly self-aware woman, with a big heart and a pattern of dissatisfying relationships.

Maybe you’re drawn to a man who lights a fire in you but leaves you feeling amiss. (Sound about right?)

Conventional wisdom says you should ditch him, while your heart encourages you to stay. You see the good in him and you see room for your own improvement – and yet…

it feels like you’re stuck on a merry-go-round of emotional turmoil.

You know you need to not abandon yourself, but it doesn’t feel right to abandon your partner.

My unconventional advice:
Trust that intuitive inclination; it’s trying to show you something.

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Empower Your Compassion

What does that mean??

Disempowered Compassion:

Sacrificing our needs for the sake of others, but really for the sake of keeping the peace and maintaining our good standing; friends telling us we need better boundaries; overstaying our roles; feeling like our resources are depleted because we believe we must always be striving to earn love.

Uncompassionate Empowerment:

Employing boundaries like spiked walls and shutting people out or burning bridges to assert our righteousness; friends telling us that our standards are unrealistic; quick to walk away; feeling like no one understands us or is able to match our capabilities because we believe that others will always let us down.


Charging our innate kindness into a superpower and turning it on ourselves as well as others; honoring the limits of each other with grace; allowing people to come and go in alignment; feeling secure in ourselves and our relationships because we believe that love is unconditional and relationships are not.

The Love-Lesson Within

Relationships with others serve to reflect back to us our relationship with ourselves. Patterns of feeling unseen, unappreciated, unaccepted, or unsupported provide clues into the ways in which we have abandoned ourselves, and the answer isn’t in hiding or running away, but in turning towards the Truth that your Soul’s divine journey is trying to awaken you to. Even if the path does lead to the dissolution of the relationship, proceeding with peace in your heart will ensure peace in your future.

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A Loving Guide for Your Journey

Breaking old patterns and learning new ways of interacting is not without difficulty. It’s much like navigating in uncharted waters.

In such circumstances, it’s not uncommon to hire a guide to show you the way. As it turns out, I know this route well because I carved it myself.

I’m Mariya Graestone and I offer love coaching for women who are struggling with a pattern of insecure push & pull relationship dynamics.

When you’re ready, I am here to lovingly guide you through the rough waters of rocky relationship towards enhanced inner security and enriched fulfillment in Love.

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What People Are Saying

Mariya is a wonderfully sensitive and inspirational teacher.

Michelle O.

I learned some incredible lessons about myself and loving myself and choosing myself.

Kim S.

One of my biggest gains has been a sense of greater control over myself and my situation.

Krista R.
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Are You Ready?

Feeling seen and appreciated…
Trusting in your partner – and in yourself…
No more doubt and confusion… No more rollercoaster!

You CAN have it.
Reach out.
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