Becoming Secure

Many of us did not receive the support and guidance we needed in our formative years to develop the type of security within ourselves that leads to a sense of security in relationship with others.

Instead, we’re left with an unsettling pattern of INSECURE relationship dynamics, routinely feeling unmet in our needs, unseen, unappreciated, and with too much or too little space to breathe easily and feel accepted as we are – relationship after relationship.

As adults, it becomes our job to provide that essential loving support to ourselves, so that we can show up as integrated individuals and co-create mature and stable relationships.

Whoever needs to hear this, listen up, as you are unlikely to hear it anywhere else:

Your avoidant partner is not underserving of love, and wanting to stay with them does not make you weak.

>> Empower your compassion!

The path of becoming secure in love can be hard to make out and fraught with frustration and despair. For the self-aware woman who is braving it, I am here to shine a light on the “rocks” in your way.

My name is Mariya Graestone, and I am a Love Coach, but you can think of me as a Relation-Ship Lighthouse.

Becoming secure requires integrating your Mind, your Body, and your Soul. On this path, you are called to:

EXPLORE your human mind.

EXPAND your energetic body.

CONNECT from soul to soul.

To be clear: I am in service to Lovethe energy that flows through you and between you and others. I am not here to appease your ego, make you “feel good”, or validate any victimhood.

{I do not participate in partner-bashing or tactical plan-making for manipulating mates.}

You are a powerful being! I am here to illuminate that reality for you and steer you towards compassionately empowered expression, so that Love can flow more freely in your life and in the World.

I know that you are a true Warrior Woman, because you are committed to rising to the challenges in relationship and bravely facing and kissing your own dragons in order to grow in love.

Chances are…
your relationship, while it might not be bringing you the ultimate joy and connection you desire, is quite likely the perfect training ground for practicing SELF-LOVE, so that you can find the joy and connection you seek.

It’s possible that your own growth will inspire shifts in your partner, resulting in a more love-filled relationship, but their path is their own, and we are not here to change people, only to love them – even if it comes to pass that we do need to leave them in the process.

One way or another, when you’re in alignment with your inner Truth, your outer world falls into alignment as well. And when you go about whatever it is you do, with empowered compassion, you too are serving Love.

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Please, reach out any time – I would be delighted to explore, expand, and connect with you.

Looking forward,


P.S. I created a Facebook group to serve as a supportive community for women navigating the challenging terrain of an insecure attachment style. If this sounds like you, I encourage you to check it out, and if it feels right, join us! >> Empowered Compassion.

I also facilitate another Facebook group called Mastering Interdependence for a more holistic perspective beyond just romantic relationships; you are certainly welcome to join me there, as well.

And if you’re into DIY, I’ve published The Path to Interdependence as a starting guide that you can work through on your own to lay the groundwork for your growth. If you decide partway through that you’d like a hand, you can always reach out.