Your Relation-Ship Lighthouse

From Push & Pull
to Peace of Mind.

Love Coaching for Women.

About YOU

You are a brilliantly self-aware woman, with a big heart and a pattern of dissatisfying relationships.

Maybe you’re drawn to a man who lights a fire in you but leaves you feeling amiss. (Sound about right?)

Conventional wisdom says you should ditch him, while your heart encourages you to stay. You see the good in him and you see room for your own improvement – and yet…

it feels like you’re stuck on a merry-go-round of emotional turmoil.

You know you need to not abandon yourself, but it doesn’t feel right to abandon your partner.

Trust that intuitive inclination; it’s trying to show you something.

Empower Your Compassion

It’s true that being empowered in your own skin is healthy and beneficial. However, vibrating at the energy of righteousness (“they don’t deserve my love”) actually perpetuates any underlying beliefs of unworthiness.

When we’re told to “ditch the loser”, the question that arises deep inside is: “If they’re not worthy of unconditional love… am I?”

Love IS unconditional. Relationships are not. This is what boundaries are for.

Boundaries are not walls to keep people out. They are GIFTS that help people know how to love and connect with each other. When honored consistently and mutually, they create safety and trust.

Contrary to popular advice, you don’t have to sacrifice your compassion in order to become empowered. As it turns out, the more effective way to fortify your self-worth – and to create a thriving, interdependent relationship, btw – is to empower your compassion.

This means taking your innate kindness and turning it all the way up. Not walling it off and confining it with judgments. It means applying it to yourself as well as your counterpart.

It means no longer misplacing responsibilitywhere you’re responsible for their emotional experiences and they’re responsible for yours – and bravely taking appropriate interpersonal accountability for your role in every encounter.

Operating from empowered compassion creates evolution within relationship. Sometimes it fosters mutual transformation that brings you closer. Sometimes it opens the space to dis-integrate and find more alignment on separate paths.

Either way, you break old patterns and generate more Love in your life – and in the world.

A Guide for Your Journey

Learning a new way of interacting is not without difficulty. It’s much like navigating in uncharted waters.

In such circumstances, it’s not uncommon to hire a guide to show you the way. As it turns out, I know this route well because I carved it myself.

I’m Mariya Graestone and I offer love coaching for women who are struggling with a pattern of insecure push & pull relationship dynamics.

When you’re ready, I am here to guide you through the rough waters of rocky relationship towards enhanced inner security and enriched fulfillment in Love.

What People Are Saying

“Mariya is a wonderfully sensitive and inspirational teacher.”
Michelle O.

“I learned some incredible lessons about myself and loving myself and choosing myself.”
Kim S.

“One of my biggest gains has been a sense of greater control over myself and my situation.”
Krista R.

Are You Ready?

Feeling seen and appreciated…
Trusting in your partner – and in yourself…
No more doubt and confusion… No more rollercoaster!

You CAN have it.
Reach out.
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