Transform your love-life, one step at a time. Like traversing this cloud covered mountain top. With Love Coach Mariya.

Transform your love-life…
One step at a time.

The path of healing is ongoing.

It’s a journey, not a destination. Along the way, though, you will be transformed…

From Push & Pull to Peace of Mind

There is no quick-fix solution. Real transformation takes time. If you’ve ever experienced the elation of a great epiphany, only to become disillusioned after realizing that knowledge alone doesn’t create change, then you might be open to taking a bit more time and investing a bit more energy into the process of full integration.

My aim is to bring more Love into the world through as many people as I can. Working with me WILL bring you the love that you seek – and it will also bring you face-to-face with the deeper fears you have of actually receiving it. You may think it’s being withheld from you, but the power to unblock it is within YOU.

In time, like the gentle bloom of a petal-rich flower, in working with me, you will be opened to the flow of Love.

A butterfly to represent transformation


The first step is letting go of the outcome, and committing to the PROCESS.

From there, my most impactful offerings are courses, programs, and workshops that guide you into your own depths so you can root your security within yourself and unclog your internal wellspring of Love.

I humbly offer a free Facebook group for communal support:


Find encouragement and community in a safe space to be seen and held on your relational journey with loving warrior women and a wealth of resources.

My latest offering is a 12-week course, Aligning With Love, and this group will be the first to hear about it’s next cohort.

For women located in Austin, TX
I host an in-person Meetup:

Woman Awakened

I was struggling with frequent crisis-like emotional upheaval. Other coaches didn’t resonate, but when I found Mariya’s online group, I felt seen. She’s authentic, and she’s not afraid to venture into the grey areas where there are no clear-cut answers. She provides PRACTICAL solutions that I can implement on a daily basis, and through working with her directly, I’ve experienced HOPE, for the first time in a long time. I finally have the tools to access peace and to create clarity in my relationships.”

Krista R.

Learn more about Love Coach Mariya HERE.

An arc of waterfalls to get the love flowing

Let’s get the love flowing.