Kiss the Dragon within You! Loving others starts with loving you, and loving anything means acceptance without condition. We can only receive love at the level we give it to ourselves – eliminate the conditions for your love, and you’ll maximize the flow. Take these four steps: Identify your patterns. What situations seem to keepContinue reading “Shadow”


Between the extremes of independence and codependence, achieving interdependence in relationships requires the combination of a secure sense of self, and a connected sense of oneness. You can look to spirituality and even quantum physics to learn about the pervasive connection between all things, but a grounded sense of security, rooted within yourself, takes someContinue reading “Security”


Non-judgment is achieved: By setting aside an objective morality, distinguishing between fact and opinion, and allowing for personal ownership of one’s opinions; By relinquishing universal notions of good and bad, and focusing instead on subjective assessments of what is and is not aligned with one’s own values and goals; And by embracing a compassionate perspective ofContinue reading “Non-judgment “


We humans are constantly wobbling about the balance between fierce independence, and desperate co-dependence. Around the world, and across our history, we find examples of rugged individualism, and extreme collectivism. Where we find the most sustainable and equitable thriving, however, is also where we find egalitarian interdependence. At its fullest expression, it extends beyond interdependenceContinue reading “Interdependence”