Balance (Pillar #3 of Security)

balance - a woman in fortifying her foundation in a yogic pose

The final piece to creating security is balance. Fortify your might for the love of your life!

Having a solid foundation in your life sets you up for success in all of your endeavors. This enables the balance that is essential to a thriving relationship.

These are the four key components:

1. Foster a robust support system

One of the most detrimental habits we seem to practice in modern relationships is placing the responsibility for satisfying all of our social needs squarely on our partner’s shoulders.

Most of our needs are actually best met from within, but the social aspects of them are best served by diversifying their fulfillment among varied sources – friends, family, coworkers, different communities we take part in, and even Nature.

Stay open to all the support around you, and soak it up! Avoid fixating on getting your needs me in a particular way or from a particular source. The more open you remain, the more you will receive.

2. Regularly reevaluate your beliefs

Our beliefs shape our perspectives, and thus our experiences. They are basically little operating systems, running our lives.

Each one was written in an isolated context, typically in our early years, solidified through repetition, and then generalized into our worldview. Part of our job as stewards of our wellness is to regularly inventory our beliefs and reevaluate them.

Is this one true? In all circumstances, or just some? In any? Even now? Does it serve me or hinder me? What would my life be like if I didn’t have this belief?

Every result we get out of our endeavors is due to the belief that runs that program – be it health, wealth, or relationships.

We are here to thrive! Beliefs that limit us are to be thanked and released, while those that empower us are to be nurtured and honored.

3. Maintain your balance

I’ve boiled life down to nine main aspects:
Mind, Body, Spirit, Career, Finances, Relationships, Growth, Experiences, and Contribution.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that their job is to prioritize between them, but the real priority is finding balance among them, making sure that each one is receiving adequate attention.

Everything is interconnected, and when we are struggling in one area, it is often a symptom of neglect in another area. It’s kind of magical how bringing a little attention to an under-served aspect will usually smooth out any difficulties in the apparent problem area.

Keep tabs on your life aspects, and make sure they’re all getting attended to. Schedule them in your calendar if you need to!

4. Exercise gratitude and faith

An attitude of gratitude is what creates the experience of abundance. When you develop the habit of appreciating what you have and focusing less on what you don’t have, you will become filled with joy. (This has a marvelously contagious side-effect.)

And when you carry faith in the benevolence of the Universe and in all the meanderings of your journey, you will find an ease and flow that brings effortless goodness into your life like perpetual serendipity.

Trust that everything happens for your benefit, and welcome the gifts of Life with grace.

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(Updated March 18, 2021)

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